Swann 8 Channel 960H Security System with 1TB HDD and 4 700TVL Cameras

Swann swdvk-815504This Swann 4 camera surveillance system is a compact, quality product from a trusted and familiar name in security. The system consists of 4 x PRO-745 cameras with a 700tvl video quality producing a good image. In my opinion this really is the minimum resolution for a good surveillance system. The cameras have a CMOS Swann TruColour image sensor that has a viewing angle of 59 degrees and has 36 Infra-Red LEDs for effective night vision as far as 82ft or 25 metres. The camera is enclosed in a white weatherproof aluminium housing and the cable is hidden and threaded within the mounting stand, for a more secure installation.

The DVR is a compact 8 channel unit with a pre installed 1Terra Byte hard drive. This unit accepts 8 different camera inputs connected by BNC connectors on coax cables. Video is output via either a HDMI, VGA, or BNC connector, as required to connect to your display. Connectivity to your network is processed via a RJ-45 10/100Megabite per second ethernet cable, and also provides 2 x USB 2.0 ports for backup and storage of recorded video.

This system comes with almost all you need for the more standard installation. 4 x 60ft/18m BNC cables for connection to the cameras, BNC to RCA cable, HDMI cable, Ethernet cable,


  • Simple plug in and operate system, just plug in the cameras and watch it work.
  • Excellent day time image quality.
  • Very good budget option for home security. For sale under $400.
  • Upgradable surveillance option. Upgrade hard drive capacity to 4 TB, update with up to 4 more cameras to a total of 8 cameras.
  • QR Code set up for simplified network settings for your Android or IOS tablets or smart phones.
  • E-Mail notification on motion detection on any camera, complete with multiple screen shots.
  • Event monitoring marks on playback. No need to view whole days footage.
  • Apps for mobile devices and tablets make viewing easy on those devices.
  • Proper aluminium weather proof cameras.


  • Limited night vision. Image quality in Infra Red night mode is adequate when close, but objects or events farther than 10 feet away just lose detail and get washed away.
  • Cameras supplied are of a lesser video quality than the DVR’s ability. (Could be a Pro point – Upgrade the cameras you add later, to increase the image quality where you need it.)
  • 1 Terra Byte hard drive installed. Although this will give up to 12 days recording for 4 cameras in default mode, more is always better. (This figure does greatly improve if you optimise the DVR to only record motion events.) If you plan to increase the number of cameras, be sure to factor in the hard drive upgrade cost.


This is really a very good complete CCTV system for those on a tight budget. The technology in this system, though out dated now, is largely tried and tested in the professional security industry. The system specifications allows you to grow your surveillance system as either your budget or requirements increase. With room on the DVR for 8 cameras you could purchase up to four more cameras. The DVR is also able to take a hard drive upgrade to 4 TB to accommodate the extra camera recordings. A very desirable ability for a budget home security system.

The video footage is able to be backed up onto an external hard drive or USB storage device via the spare USB port in the native H.264 compression format. This means that the footage is able to be viewed with almost any computer based video player, making it easy if you ever needed to submit footage to the Police for evidence.

Set up of the DVR onto your network is made easier with the use of a QR Code scan link on the DVR and SwannLink peer to peer technology. The DVR connects to your internet network via ethernet cable, allowing access to your camera feeds any time and anywhere in the world via pc or smart phone. With the use of a dedicated app for your smart phone or tablet, you can view the activities within range of your cameras virtually anywhere, and any time. I have found that data transfer can cause issues when viewing on the 3G network, so I would recommend looking for a WIFI connection to browse the home cameras. I currently do not have access to a 4G network device to test that.

Overall this is another decent offering from Swann Security. With a compact 8 channel DVR, This 4 camera security surveillance system is a very good offer for under $400. Add to that the flexibility to upgrade and make it suit your surveillance requirements, this is definitely an excellent base unit to scale your home security system from.

System Box Contents

  • Swann 8 channel-4 camera dvr systemDVR8-1550
  • 1 TB Hard Drive (installed) Upgradable to 4TB
  • PRO-745 Camera x 4- Can add up to 4 more cameras
  • BNC to RCA Cable 3ft/1m
  • HDMI Cable
  • BNC Cable 60ft / 18m x 4
  • Power Adapter & Splitter
  • Software CD
  • USB Mouse
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Mounting Screws & Plugs
  • Operating Instructions
  • Theft Deterrent Stickers