About Surveil’N’Secure

Surveil’N’Secure is a site I started after looking for a surveillance system for my own home. The more I looked into what was on the market, the more confused I was. The broad range and types of camera systems available, with many different (Read incompatible) technologies made choosing a system for myself much more difficult than I had imagined.

As a self confessed techno junkie, I wasn’t going to let this beat me. Thinking that all the research I did make could assist others, became the beginnings of this site. The reviews and opinions I make regarding the products on this site are my own and come from either handling them myself or researching the products online, checking specifications (both claimed and reality) and forums for feedback and problems.

Overall I hope to reduce the leg work required for visitors to find quality information by having the answers here on one site.

Contact Me

If there is a product you wish for me to do a review on, or have a general question about the products I have reviewed please contact me below.


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