Q-See QT5682-8K8-1 8-Channel DVR 960H Security Surveillance System with 8 High-Resolution 1000 TVL Cameras and 1 TB Hard Drive (Black)

Q-See has a large range of multi-camera do it yourself kits on the market. This might be one of their best high resolution analog systems. A complete kit with 8 cameras and a 1 Terra byte hard drive for recording footage.

Q-See QT5682-8K8-1Overview of the Q-See QT5682-8K8-1.


The central unit is the QT5682 high definition DVR with an installed 1 Terra byte hard drive. The QT5682 is an 8 channel DVR, allowing the connection of 8 separate analog video inputs, and 2 audio inputs.

With ports to connect a monitor via either a HDMI cable, VGA cable or a BNC connector video out, there is no reason to have a problem connecting a monitor. There are 2 USB connectors, one for a mouse, the second for the backup of footage that you wish to keep onto an external drive or flash drive. Saving options allow you to set the file as .avi, allowing the file to be viewed by any computer.

Operation and set up is kept as simple as possible via the menu driven software installed. Pre set to use the HDMI output with a wide screen monitor of 19” or greater and to record on motion detection. The system even comes complete with a mouse and remote control.

The 1 Terra byte hard drive is able to hold up to 30 hours of footage at the maximum 30 frames per second, with all 8 cameras! This is due to the excellent state of the art compression of the video by this unit.

Able to connect to your network via a LAN ethernet port will allow this device to communicate and stream over the network to the internet. Allowing remote viewing of the cameras, as well as sending alerts.

The 8 cameras are connected by the BNC connectors at the rear of the console. There is also a provision to control one Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera.



The system includes eight QM 9901B Q-See 1000TVL cameras. These cameras are constructed out of a sturdy aluminium and have a weather rating of IP-65. Though rated for outdoor use, I would recommend giving them some shelter, like under an eave, to assist the protection from water ingress. I found that the camera quality was very good for this price point. With an effective pixel resolution of 1280X980 the image is quite crisp. The 36 Infra Red LEDs provide the camera with a fairly good spread for night time image quality. Rated at 100 Feet, probably more realistically good image within 20 to 30 feet. Beyond that the image quality truly fades.

Set Up.

This system provides all the things needed to set up your own home security system. Once the cables are run and the cameras mounted, the on board set up menu intuitively takes you through the setting without any fuss.


  • Proven analog technology
  • HD image quality from both the cameras and the DVR
  • Remote monitoring and alerts
  • Very simple installation
  • 8 Cameras
  • Value for money budget surveillance


  • Focal length of cameras are a bit short


The QT5682-8K8-1 surveillance camera from Q-See is one of the best analog HD system packages on the market. This package is fully inclusive and will provide the peace of mind knowing that you have you premises, and family covered should someone try to trespass or steal from you.

The image quality provides sufficient detail for authorities to identify and apprehend the assailant. Q-See have provided the technology to make that image easy to transfer for evidence, as well as providing alerts and monitoring from potentially anywhere in the world.

For less than $600 you can protect and secure your home and family with this 8 camera DVR system from Q-See. That’s what I call value for money.

QT5682-8K8-1 PackageSystem Box Contents.

  • 1 – 8 Channel Real-Time DVR with pre-installed 1TB Hard Drive (QT5682)
  • 8 – High-Resolution 1000 TVL Cameras with 3-Axis Brackets
  • 8 – Standard BNC Cables
  • 2 – 4-way camera power adapter for efficient installation
  • 1 – HDMI cable
  • 1 – Mouse
  • 1 – Set of Warning Stickers
  • 1 – Installation CD