Night Owl Security L-85-4511 8-Channel 960H DVR with 500GB HDD HDMI 4 Night Vision Cameras and Free Night Owl Lite App (Black)

Night Owl Security L-85-4511 8 Channel 4 Camera DVRWhat are the System Highlights.

  • 8 Channel L Series DVR with Pre-installed 500 GB Hard Drive and HDMI Output
  • 960H Recording Resolution (960 x 480) and Free “Night Owl Lite” App for Smartphone integration
  • PC and Mac Compatible with Free Control Management Software
  • Motion Activated Recording with Email Alerts
  • 4 Indoor/Outdoor Cameras with 480 TV Lines Resolution and 11 LEDs for 30 ft. of Night Vision

Night Owl produces a 4 camera, 8 channel DVR kit with a 500 Gigabyte hard drive as the Night Owl Security L-85-4511. This surveillance kit unfortunately does not provide the best cameras that are on offer by Night Owl. These cameras have an IP-65 rating, meaning they are able to maintain moisture protection from normal weather conditions, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. I would recommend if mounting them outside, to place them in a position where they are protected from the most severe weather by mounting them under eaves.

The image sensor is of a lower specification than the DVR is capable of recording and displaying. At only 480 TV lines this camera is better suited for small distance coverage like inside a room, front porch or garage / car port. The camera is equipped with 11 inbuilt Infrared LEDs night vision is provided, even with zero light. Potentially enabling a clear image for up to 30 feet.

The DVR of this system is the heart and soul of this kit, showing a great deal of promise as the base for a good value surveillance system. With 8 channel inputs and 960H or 960 x 480 resolution recording and playback capability. The DVR itself is a robust hub for your surveillance needs, with a 500Gig hard drive pre installed. If needed, upgradable to a 2 Terabyte hard drive.

Image quality is limited by the cameras provided in this kit, though still suitable for basic home security. In my opinion this system would benefit from an upgrade with a couple of 700 to 900 TV lines cameras (like the CAM-4PK-930) to monitor the broad outside yard view of your property.

This relatively cheap, 4 camera system is able to monitor your property 24 hours a day. Able to connect to a monitor via HDMI, VGA or RCA connections. The Night Owl DVR is controlled via USB mouse which is provided, as is a remote control. With an internet network connection to your router, you will be able to monitor those same images, potentially from anywhere in the world.

Night Owl Security 8 Channel 960H DVRThe limiting factors are your mobile device download speed and your home internet connection upload speeds. I have found that with many systems, mobile viewing is best done when connected by Wi-Fi. Night Owl does have a sound and stable Camera Monitoring Software installed into the DVR, allowing some essential viewing and recording options.

The ability to backup footage for a later date onto a USB Drive, whether for archive or evidence for the Police is essential. This is also made easier by having the footage recorded in a common format, so anyone can view it on any PC.

The CMS is powerful and allows for motion detection recording, providing the ability to save on hard drive space as well as easily finding events without going through hours of non active footage. Motion detection masking, allowing for a section of the screen to detect motion and then create notification emails of an suspicious event is invaluable if you are not at home.

When set up with 8 cameras some limitations can come into effect with regards to recording and viewing. The systems ability to record and display at full resolution might reduce the frame rate to 11 frames per second, but only if all 8 cameras are set to record at full resolution.


  • Very good DVR with a stable Camera Monitoring Software.
  • Upgradable system, with 8 channels of video input. Upgrade with 4 more cameras.
  • hard drive, If upgrading to the maximum 8 cameras this is a must.
  • Powerful CMS with motion detection masking and email alerts.
  • Remote monitoring of video footage, both live and recorded via mobile device or internet connected computer.


  • Cameras that don’t match the quality of the DVR. Appears like a budget package deal to break into a cheaper market.


This is a very good value for money system. The 8 channel DVR and its installed CMS makes this system a very good buy at under $300. My only disappointment is in the 4 cameras included, the DVR is able to record and display up to 960H resolution or over 700 TV lines, the cameras can only capture 480 TV lines, or a resolution of 652 x 582.

The cables and power supplies provided make it simple to install this system through your house. The camera cables have an inbuilt power cable included allowing the camera power to connect to the power supply at the DVR. The power supply comes with a power splitter providing power to each of the 60 foot video cables, providing plenty of length for most installations. The installation screw are at best adequate. I suggest providing proper fasteners for the surface you intend to install the cameras on.

Night Owl Security L-85-4511-4 Contents ListA final suggestion is to locate the DVR somewhere out of sight. If an intruder was to come in and take your valuables, all available electronics would be fair game. A DVR with footage of them entering your premises would be a clever piece of electronics to steal. Taking away the evidence at the same time.