Can Nanny Cams Be Part Of Your Best Home Surveillance Camera Solution

Can Nanny Cams Be Part Of Your

Best Home Surveillance Camera Solution?

Nanny Cameras, a part of our Wireless IP Camera Reviews. Can they really be considered to be part of your best home surveillance camera solution? First of all how can we define such a camera as a security device? Advances in the market has greatly expanded the capabilities of this segment of the market.

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What are nanny cams? What are they used for?

Nanny cams, also known as spy cameras, are a special breed of surveillance camera. By necessity they needed to be easily relocatable, being either wireless or stand alone, only requiring a power source. Recording was usually on board or local to the camera.

Often developed and used as an advanced baby monitor, with video capabilities, they have also evolved into a high resolution IP or network camera. Most of these devices are equipped with a 2 way audio capability.

As the specifications have evolved with the reducing cost of the technology to build them, nanny cameras have become a fully fledged security surveillance device in their own right. Being network enabled, most have remote viewing capabilities. Some even have advanced sensor control enabling them to “learn” regular activities like leaving the house, turning on the motion activated recording onto a SD card installed into the device, while others can record to the cloud.

Nanny cameras have traditionally been used as a means of maintaining an vigil on those caring for ones family, or monitoring the activities of a suspicious partner. Sometimes an exposed camera will not be able to capture any wrong doing. For this reason, often less sophisticated hidden cameras have become a tool to bolster the surveillance arsenal available to home owners. These cameras are often hidden in many normal household items, from wall hanging clocks to teddy bears or some common office devices like pens and desk calenders.

Video surveillance in the home and office has enabled many to douse or confirmed suspicions. Giving relief to owners, with the piece of mind only available with the factual knowledge of what is actually going on when one is not there.

Are Nanny Cameras legal?

Nanny cams, like all surveillance cameras are legal, there are some restrictions that should be adhered to when placing cameras around your home and business.

Private areas or areas that could be reasonable expected to be private should not be areas one places a camera. These areas include bathrooms, bedrooms (such as that of the live in nanny), change rooms or locker rooms. If it wasn’t the law, it really should be common courtesy. Surveillance cameras are there to try and prevent losses and enhance security, not spy on the unsuspecting.

Hidden cameras usually do not have audio capabilities, and as such have no audio legal restrictions. Many of the new nanny cameras do have an audio recording facility built into the camera. Audio recording laws then also come into affect.

In the majority of states one party has to be made aware of the recording for it to be legal. However, in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington, all parties must be made aware of the recording device for the recordings to be legal.

In any case, if someone, such as a caregiver or employee were to possibly be recorded, either audio or video, it would be best to make them aware of the cameras and there capabilities for both a harmonious relationship as well as a legal stand point.

Common uses of nanny cameras

“Nanny cameras” is such a limiting moniker for the current breed of small portable indoor cameras. Yes there are still cameras available that are only really good for spying or covertly monitoring the nanny.

The new IP enabled cameras on the market are far smarter than that. With the increased capabilities and design comes opportunities to utilise the cameras for more than ever before.

Nanny cameras are most often used to monitor children in the bedroom or playroom. With the improved software, cameras and audio, including two way communication ability, these new cameras are far more flexible.

Keep an eye on your elderly parents, allowing them more freedom to live in their own home, while still having the peace of mind that you can check in on them at any time. Maintain communication and monitor your pets from work, allowing you to alter their home alone stimulation, knowing what does and doesn’t work.

Some of the new generation cameras have all but become a stand alone security system, with alerts and image or video capture of events, again reducing the storage capabilities necessary. Others even save to the cloud providing access to recorded images without interrupting your home bandwidth capabilities to view recorded clips.

Where can you place an indoor camera?

Indoor cameras have been in existence for as long as there has been security cameras. The traditional bullet or dome cameras associated with fully fledged security systems are used to cover entrances and valuable targets like behind the counters or safes. Today’s nanny cams are able to monitor the same things, with their mobility potential, they are able to move with the risk or be totally hidden from sight.

Setting up cameras in your home really doesn’t intrude into your daily lives, I know my wife was very self concious about them when I first installed them, no one even notices them now. To keep within the law I have placed a sign stating that the premises are “covered by surveillance cameras” at the front door. This usually creates a couple of comments from visitors initially, then it is forgotten.

It is important to remember that even after we install a monitoring system, we cannot rely on nanny cams to keep us or our families safe. We will always need to be vigilant and prevent access to strangers.

Technology is only a tool to allow us to better and more conveniently maintain a safe environment in and around our home. Common sense still applies. Cameras can provide a deterrent to those who might harm us or give us the evidence that will provide that safety in the future.

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