Choosing The Best Home Surveillance Camera Systems For Home Or Business

What makes “the best camera system”

for your home of business?

Best Home Camera System

Security for our homes and business is a growing concern for all of us. Creating the piece of mind that our family and possessions are safe is a massive industry. An industry that is also at the leading edge of the technology industry. Choosing the best home surveillance camera system for your needs is important.

The cost to secure your premises with a surveillance camera kit can easily be off set by the deterrent of a would be intruder. Adding peace of mind.

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How Can Technology Help?

Historically the cost of setting up a security system using video surveillance equipment has been too high to be used by households and small business. Banks, casinos and government complexes have used them for many years.

Large corporations, governments and high risk financial businesses have the finances available to use, and demand state of the art security measures to keep their cash, stores and intellectual properties from thieves and extortionists.

The increased sophistication of their clients needs have driven the industry to spend large sums of money to develop the camera networks for them. As the cost of this technology was driven down, much of this equipment has filtered into the domestic market. This means that good surveillance equipment is now cost effective for small business and homes. Allowing all of us to utilize this form of security.

The development of smaller high quality camera parts and the cheap, yet increasingly efficient transmission of high quantities of data has liberated the video surveillance market. The transmission limitations of the past had previously prevented live monitoring from a remote location. The ability to have a small network of cameras mounted in and around your home is good for being able to catch the action around your house. Today’s high speed internet connections have allowed these cameras to be networked onto the internet, allowing live viewing.

What makes the “Best Camera System” For Me.

Dropcam Pro FrontThe best security surveillance system for all of us is simply one we can afford, install and maintain. The cost and relative simplicity of use of camera kits have dropped and there is a surveillance solution to suit anyone.

There is the small stand alone indoor camera. With the ability to monitor and report incidents within the home straight to you. These cameras are a good choice for those living in an apartment or even inside an office.

Night Owl Security L-85-4511 8 Channel 4 Camera DVRFor the more comprehensive multiple camera solution for around the house, DVR or NVR camera kits can fit the bill. These units can be extremely cost effective. Some utilizing older technology for the components.

At the lower end of the cost spectrum, there is the option to buy the older technology. These older technology systems are available with very reliable and high quality picture images. Just be aware of what you are looking to use it for. Personally I would recommend systems which can capture and record image quality above 700TVL.

It is important to be realistic about the capabilities of any surveillance camera system. Image quality continues to improve with the more modern technologies used. This also drives up the cost of the system.

24 Hours SurveilanceMy recommendations:

Provide your self with a system that meets your needs first.

Gives the coverage required to secure your premises.

  • All entrances, front and rear door.
  • Likely positions of interest, back yard near shed/garage, driveway.
  • Valuables stores, inside garage, in lounge room, home office.
  • Intrusion alerts, via email or text.
  • Gives remote access to video footage, to monitor false alarm.

Finally, also fits within your budget.

Is there anything I should know before choosing a system?

The most important thing to be aware of is the limitations of the system you intend to buy. This might sound obvious. However, there are countless disappointed reviews of perfectly good surveillance cameras on the internet.

I would suspect that the majority of these would be related to people not being able to do that which they thought it could do. The sales brochures are designed to hype and sell a product. Preconceived ideas of what people believe is possible can be another problem.

The greatest “let down” is related to distance and night picture quality on a cheap system. More often than not, specifications of manufacturers provide capabilities, but never quality at those distances.

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Do I need an installer?

This depends entirely upon the system you have chosen to use, and your abilities. The majority of surveillance equipment available in kit form are designed for the home handy-man. Requiring the running of cables and fixing brackets to hold the camera securely.

The installation and hook up of the cameras are quite intuitive, the set up of the software in the DVR or NVR usually menu driven. Manuals provided will give clear instructions for the installations. It might be beneficial to hire a handy-man or installer if you aren’t handy yourself, or are lacking in the time or tools to perform the installation.

**Installation Tip**

Place the DVR or NVR out of sight of the would be thief.

To them they are the equivalent of a DVD player and will take it.

Along with your footage of them.

With a large variety of cameras available for many different uses, finding the cameras that best suit your needs is very important. A little thought into where and why you might need to monitor will allow you to create the right mix of cameras and minimize the financial burden of surveilling your premises, maximizing the results.

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