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Finding the Best Home Security Camera Systems For Your Needs.

Why use Video Surveillance?

Video surveillance has become the number one deterrent in crime, providing video footage to the authorities of those who would attempt to take what is yours. Prevention should always be the first move taken to prevent a break in and theft. Secure locks, gates and the removal of openly visual temptations for the opportunistic thief.

Alarm systems have increasingly been loosing their value to deter a would be thief, with false alarms, and the unfortunate apathy of the general public to react to them. Even monitored alarm systems will allow a definite response, but the time of the response can be questionable, thieves know this. The alarm has become more a neighborhood nuisance, than a burglar deterrent.

Home security is an important issue, not only keeping your valuables safe from thieves, but keeping your family safe as well. Finding the right solution for your security and surveillance needs could save you from buying something too big. Conversely something that is just totally inadequate for the intended purpose could cost you more, as you may need to upgrade.

Trust us to give you the advice and information that will give you the confidence to buy right. Only you know of your intended use of your system. Allow us to guide you to the right decision by our comparisons and descriptive and informative reviews of products on the market today.

There are many security solutions available to cover the entire spectrum of protecting your assets. From the nanny camera monitor to keep an eye and ear out for your baby sleeping in a quiet part of the home, to motion activated recorded security systems intended to maintain an eye on the goings on within and around your home, business or warehouse with CCTV. The level of sophistication and expense of these security systems scales dramatically as they grow in complexity and size.

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Surveillance is a security solution for everyone.

Home Security Surveillance Systems Improvements

Kourtney Kardashian Calabasas Home

The Kardashian family suffered several hundred thousand dollars worth of losses in the months leading up to August, 2014. First it was Khloe Kardashian whose home was robbed, then Kourtney Kardashian’s home was burgled. As both these robberies had no signs of forced entry, the family believed that it was an inside job, possibly related to their hit reality TV show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. As a result of these robberies, the family have spent up big on security in and around their homes, installing many more surveillance cameras and employing extra security.

Your home can also be vulnerable to intruders. It is what you do to prevent being vulnerable that makes the difference. Being the least vulnerable in the neighborhood could be enough to deter the opportunistic thief. Your possessions is only one of the many things you should be looking to protect. What is the value of your family or your own piece of mind?

How Can Surveil ‘N’ Secure Help?

Technology is my passion. Security equipment is an extension of that for me. The sophistication of the surveillance systems available is constantly updating. New products continue to be developed. Technology and specifications keep changing.

The Surveil ‘N Secure website is here to provide assistance in the decision making process of the potential buyer of new security camera equipment.

Providing up to date reviews, recommendations and explanations of products on the market today. Keeping functionality, suitability for intended use and user experience at the forefront of the decisions and review recommendations. Giving you the resources to find the best home security camera systems to suit your budget and requirements.

What System Is Best For Me?

Security_Camera_ImageProviding the right solution for your situation requires you to know what you wish to achieve from your system. Some examples are, as above to monitor your baby sleeping or children playing in their room. Keeping a secure eye on your elderly parents to ensure they are safe. Providing an eye on the exterior of your home or holiday home, while you are not able to be there. Providing video proof, if your suspicious of those you have trusted to do work in your home or business. Maintaining a deterrent to the brazen robber who might threaten your staff in a shop or office.

Specifications and features vary from product to product. Features now available on even very small monitoring systems are phenomenal. Depending on what you are willing to spend for your solution. Even a single camera unit could allow you to maintain a remote vigil, and even communicate with you pet at home, from your office on your smart phone. Other systems are able to send a communication to, and alert you of an unauthorised intrusion or motion on the cameras. Where by you could then log in and see for yourself if the alert is a real threat requiring action. Recording the events on camera for future evidence is also possible, assisting the authorities to prosecute.

Deciding upon the right security system for your situation could be determined by your budget, features, surveillance need, property access and many more variables. Renters and apartment owners will require a more portable system, often a wireless indoor system with only one or two cameras. Depending on the size of the home, a multi camera set up, with both internal and external cameras. Or you wish for several days recording and remote monitoring of your property to enable the capture of events around your home or business.

Now then, what are you trying to achieve with your security surveillance system?

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